About Company - RFC Fruit Company has been operating since 2015 and is  registered in the name of All Kisaan in 2023 and is presented on digital  platforms. 

A warm and hearty welcome to all the entrepreneurs present on the  digital platform of allkisaan.com.  In this changing and modern era,  this digital platform of All Kisaan has been prepared by many  intellectuals after a deep and long research of many businessmen  on the digital platform of All Kisaan. 

It has been created in a very beautiful and simple way for all  farmers, traders, mandi commission agents and companies and exporters to grow their business and buy and sell their crops in a  very beautiful and simple way in the age of changing advanced  technology. 

In this all types of users can register themselves by doing  their free registration and create their profile and appoint an identity in which they list and promote their product which is available in free or paid plan and the interested buyers of that product register that  product and make the purchase as per their wish with that user, in  which All Kisaan has no manipulation on the part of the seller and  the buyer, the sale is finalised or accepted with their consent and  the profit loss arising from that sale is also the responsibility of the  seller and the buyer themselves. 

Through All Kisaan's website  and app, the product is showcased and the seller and buyer are  brought together, through which they can avail the benefit of this facility by purchasing a plan on All Kisaan's digital platform. 

Thank you very much to all of you!!